Spadina Towers 2014

From checking the exhaust fans on the roof and the PH levels in the pool, to cleaning out the sump pits in the underground parkade, MRO covered it all. Spadina Towers was built in 1976, overlooking the South Saskatchewan River. The building has seen a number of upgrades over the years – making it a hybrid of newer energy efficient systems and the old standbys that will never die.
The building has two hot water boilers supplying three separate heating loops – perimeter radiant heat, a heating and cooling loop in the residential floors and a glycol loop supplying three commercial floors. There is a cooling tower, a swimming pool, hot tub, a self-rinsing garbage chute that runs the full height of the building, and a heated driveway entrance to the underground parkade. MROdigital recorded every system and task with the maintenance personnel in the building, making note of every quirk and eccentricity. The information was used to script over 70 task specific videos that were narrated by a professional voice actor. The resulting videos are clear, efficient, and indexed by system within a two DVD set. The videos are now housed in the building on DVD and online, using a third party viewing website, for easy accessibility.