Mamawe Awasis Elementary School, Red Earth Nation

Mamawe Awasis Elementary School, Red Earth Nation, SK. – 2015
Dunmac General Contractors Ltd.
MROdigital arrived at Red Earth after substantial completion and prior to final inspections and recorded all the commissioning instruction presentations. Recording took place with maintenance staff in attendance. All mechanical, HVAC, electrical and building management systems were covered including the intrusion alarm and the video surveillance systems. In addition, we documented the disassembly and re-assembly of all entrance hardware, the SMART Board training presentation to teachers, flooring maintenance, the Fall Arrest system and the science lab fume hood operation.
All videos were previewed and approved by the project mechanical and electrical engineers prior to the production of the final DVDs. The DVDs (sets of four disks) were delivered to the General Contractor prior to the opening ceremony of the school and were delivered to the client with the O&M Manuals, as part of the official turn over of the building.