What We Do

Maintenance and Operations Videos
Along side the Operation and Maintenance manuals, a high quality and accessible video record of all instruction and training presentations will live with the building.
MROdigital is a full service video company, producing high quality instructional videos to meet all your future training needs. Instruction and training sessions are professionally recorded with an eye on the content and presentation for clarity. During the editing process we utilize professional voice over, and incorporate as-built drawings, illustrations, graphics, logos, and basic animation for simplicity in demonstrating function, location, and overall system views.
For your convenience we have created an easy fill in the blank specification for our service which is available on request.

Orientation Videos, and Building and Equipment Histories
Great for maintenance and property management companies, for maintenance personnel that work in multiple buildings, and for unexpected absences and emergency situations.
MROdigital will work with you to determine the scope of your instructional or orientation video needs. We will help you to prioritize and structure your instructional materials, and establish the best delivery format for your company and personnel.

Good maintenance documentation promotes consistency in maintenance tasks, assists in new equipment and new staff training and provides 24/7 easy access (online) to a whole building of information.

Building orientation videos can direct unfamiliar personnel to all the essential items for resolving emergency service issues, as quickly as possible, saving time and limiting building damage.

Video documentation also provides accurate historical records for: Insurance administration, equipment replacement and maintenance supply sources.

The final product is a series of videos customized for your building or location(s), for your company environment and for your personnel.
Once finalized the videos are exported to the desired format for the project and delivered to the client.
Videos can be delivered on indexed USB drive, in a web-ready format to the webmaster’s specifications or they can be uploaded to a third party viewing website.

If this didn’t answer all your questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.